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Welcome to the Beaulieu Law Firm Hospitality Newsletter!

Thanks for joining the Beaulieu Law Firm Hospitality Newsletter. This newsletter aims to be a source of legal and industry education for those involved in hospitality. My name is Max Beaulieu. I am the principal and managing attorney of the Beaulieu Law Firm, PC. The firm serves the business and legal needs of those involved in the hospitality and entertainment industry. Whether you are a restaurateur, manager, or a private chef, you are either busy working on your next dish, managing staff, and serving customers. To take the time from your busy schedule to keep up with the ongoings of the hospitality world may be a tough task. This is where we come in. The Hospitality Newsletter does the job for you. Here are the topics we plan to cover:

● The Restaurant Structure ● How to build a Hospitality Group. ● How to draft your Operating Agreement. ● LLCs vs Corporations. ● How to settle on your brand name (Intellectual Property). ● Hosting and Catering Contracts. ● And much more!

This newsletter will also serve as an introduction and link to webinars we have about the same topics.

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